November 2-3, 2017 CLE Training – Advanced Negotiation and Sentencing


November 2-3, 2017
Ralph L. Carr Judicial Center
1300 Broadway, Room 1D
Denver, CO 80203

Cost: $40.00
Payment by Check to CJA Standing Committee
12 CLE Credits anticipated


Please mail payments to:
CJA Standing Committee, c/o Haddon, Morgan & Foreman,
150 E. 10th Avenue, Denver, CO 80203

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2018 ADC Trial Advocacy

REGISTRATION NOW OPEN!  The Federal Public Defender and Office of the CJA Coordinating Attorney are once again partnering with Colorado Alternate Defense Counsel for the 2018 ADC Trial Advocacy Program, February 12-16, 2018.  We will be at the Ralph L. Carr Judicial Center with an amazing faculty from around the country.  The program is designed for ALL experience levels.  More advanced attorneys, and those who have been through an advocacy program, can participate in the Bring Your Own Case track (space limited).  Register NOW!

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BOP National Program Catalog

The Bureau of Prisons has a catalog of reentry programs available that is designed to provide information regarding programming that may be available and appropriate for your clients.  The catalog contains information regarding Program Description, Time Frame, Admission Criteria, Program Content, Empirical Support, Applicable Policies, and Institution Locations.  To access the catalog, CLICK HERE for the online version, or this link ( bopnationalprogramcatalog ) to access the catalog directly.

Immigration Assistance on CJA Cases

The Defender Services Office has a contractual relationship with Heartland Alliance, National Immigrant Justice Center to provide advice and assistance with our non-citizen clients.  The contacts there are Claudia Valenzuela, Associate Director of Litigation and Hena Mansori, Detention Project Supervising Attorney.  You can reach them at:


Phone:  (312) 660-1610