Upcoming Training: 7/11 and 8/24


SAVE THE DATES: JULY 11th and AUGUST 24TH.  Join us!  July 11th will be orientation for new CJA panel attorneys, as well as refresher and updates for lawyers already on the panel.  It is a great chance to get a jump start on the training requirement for the new year.  It will also be a good chance to brush up on some fundamentals and get some fresh ideas about skills you use everyday.  From guidelines to client relationships, we will cover a lot of grounds. 

In August, we will meet again!  As of now, we have space reserved and plans are in the works.  Please mark your calendars now to save these dates.  Ideas that I am working on include challenges  attacking experts using the confrontation clause, more guidelines work, sentencing advocacy and more.  Thanks to all of the great lawyers who have shared ideas with me.  I look forward to working with them to develop some great programs for y’all!

So far this year has been great!  I look forward to beginning a new training year with you June 1st!

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